Welcome to the NEW Mainsheet! (January)


Greetings Members:

Welcome to The Mainsheet online! One of our goals is to make information about Sailing Singles more easily accessible on computers, phones and tablets.

This is going to be a good thing.  Each month when the newsletter is published you will receive an email with a link to it. You won’t have to download anything.

We have implemented many enhancements to the SSSF website which also make it easier to participate in the club.

  • You can access up to date information about group sails, social events and other events here.
  • You can apply for and renew membership online.
  • You can register for sails and social events online.
  • You will be able to make payments for events and membership online.
  • Captains can register to request crew online and request sailing credits.

That’s quite a few changes for most of us to get used to, but at the end of the day, these changes will streamline our activities and provide more transparency. Everyone using the website will know what’s going on… and the more you use the website the easier it gets!

This takes some co-operation between Doug Noble, our “techie” who has worked really hard to develop this digital newsletter and Gillian “the content provider”. We will do our best to make the newsletter interesting and informative.

In addition to “From the Helm”, and regular updates from our board members, we will occasionally publish topics, such as: Of Concern to Captains, All Things Marine, and Around Town.  Check these out.

We welcome your constructive feedback and suggestions for ways we can improve the site. As well, we encourage you to submit for consideration any articles relating to sailing or topics that may be of interest to our fellow members. Deadline 20th of each month.

We are excited at the New Year ahead! Let’s set sail and make 2017 the year we “do digital” and stay better connected.

Gillian O’Neill and Doug Noble,
The Mainsheet Team