From The Helm (January 2017)

Make 2017 Your Year To Volunteer

I want to thank Debi Hallmark and her team of volunteers for making the 2016-17 SSSF Change of Command such an elegant and enjoyable event.  I think everyone danced at least one dance. This event gives the last board a chance to say thank you to all of the member volunteers who help with the year long running of the Club and events. And for me on behalf of the 2017 board to thank Lynette Beal, outgoing Commodore and and the 2016 board for a job well done.

I was lucky to participate in several events in 2016 and I was recognized as boat owner/Captain for taking Club members sailing on The Grand. I was also called up to share the honor of volunteer of the year. That surprised me. As I listened to the list of people being called up to receive volunteer awards, I was amazed at how many members have volunteered. Thank you. I know it will take even more volunteers this year to do all the 2017 board of directors are planning.

If you want to get the most out of this Club or really any club, you have to get involved. Volunteer, donate your time and participate. Don’t sit on the bench, get out there, meet and play with your fellow club members. You will get much more out of your club, the more you give of your time and resources.

Calm seas and full sails

Captain Kelly Dobbs, Commodore

A BIG thanks to our 2016 Volunteers

Lynette Beal, Marijo Beckman, Robert Bettarel, Pat Birnie, Ken Bloemker, James Bradford, Brian Brown, Dot Castell, Cathy Childs, Susan Cohoat, Stan Dekiel, Kelly Dobbs, Anne Ekstrom, Mike Efford, Diana Faure, Gabe Forray, Karen Foster, Vince Guidice, Max Goldstein, Jean-Marie Gordon, Holly Griffin, Debi Hallmark, Cathy Harper, Richard Harper, Jane Haughian, Robert Horin, Carol Horning, Rich Hustins, Cindy Kehoe, John Konheim, Dick Linehan, Cynthia Lynne, Karen Madison, Andrea Malow, Rena Mamolou, Jim McBrayer, Jennifer McDonald, Nikki McSweeney, Sheldon Miller, Tom Mestrits, Ben Nahabedian, Doug Noble, Patrick O’Brien, Sheila O’Neil, Gillian O’Neill, Terry Patterson, Ron Perea, Chong Piper, Janet Pogozelski, Jim Price, Bill Roberts, Carol Saler, Mike Sawzak, Arlene Sprenger, Rudy Sprenger, Lenore Stern-Morris, Jay Thomsen, Susan Tracey