Sailing News (November/December 2017)

Fall SOS

The Fall SOS (Sailing Orientation Session), our SSSF training for members, was held on  Saturday, November 4, at Sailor’s Point facility in Hollywood. Members rotated each hour to another of the 3 sessions offered:

  • Boating Essentials
  • Health & Safety on the Water
  • Dinghy Operation

The Boating Essentials was taught by SSSF member, Bill Bratt who shared his years of experience sailing to explain the rules of the road, navigation aids (beacons and buoys), and the meaning of the lights we see on boats at night. Here’s a quick reference:

Health & Safety on the Water was taught by an EMT from Heartfelt, CPR and AED Training, who offered an overview of current CPR practices and provided CPR mannequins for hands-on activity. We formed Captain with Crew teams and practiced the CPR procedures using the mannequins on the ground as we would on a boat.

Dinghy Operation was taught by Commodore Captain Kelly, Captain James Bradford, and Bill Bratt. Each instructor reviewed the proper way to board a dinghy, equipment needed in the dinghy for short excursions to shore and provided instructions on operating the dinghy motor. Members took turns operating the dinghy. James Bradford showed how to tow a boat in distress back to the dock.

Thank you to Gulfstream Sailing Club, responsible for operation and maintenance of Sailor’s Point facility. Copies of all SOS training handouts for 2017 are posted on our club website, under ABOUT US>Sailing Education. After logging on to the website, members can download the handouts.

Another success SOS was enjoyed by all who attended.

Sheila O’Neil, Vice-Commodore

Deckhands Report – Irish Rover

On November 5th (Guy Fawkes Day) a group of SSSF members descended on Patrick O’Brien’s  Irish Rover. They rubbed and scrubbed till his boat gleamed … then they went off to Lake Sylvia to celebrate.


International Sail & Raft Up





The SSSF International RaftUp is a tradition started by Captain James Bradford, decades ago and is always a great event. On November 11th, the flags of many nations were flying over the SSSF International RaftUp in Lake Sylvia. Eight vessels participated:

  • Escape – France
  • Meridian2 – Netherlands
  • No Mo – USA
  • Ryan’s Place – Bahamas
  • Rising Star – French Polynesia
  • Viking Princess – Japan

TT Val Hal also joined the raftup, and part of the French Polynesians arrived by waverunner! Colorful costumes, festive food, and iconic decorations showed the boats country for the day. Prizes were awarded to the following winners:

Escape – Best Captain and Crew representation of country with the French Maid, the French Playboy just arriving from the Riviera and the French Fashion.

Individual– Captain James Bradford with his ornate Japanese Kimono and Jean-Marie Gordon with her coordinated, colorful island ensemble for French Polynesia.

Meridian2 – Most Authentic Food with a spread of Dutch delights representing the Netherlands with rookworst (sausage), cheeses, various herring and of course windmill cookies!

Rising Star – Best Decorations for French Polynesia. There were so may palm fronds and totems on the boat it was hard to tie up!

As it was Veterans Day it was also a time for all to thank the many veterans we have in the club  for their service, plus  it was Captain James’ Birthday!

Sheila O’Neil, SSSF Sailing Director

Boat Parade and Raftup

The annual Fort Lauderdale Boat Parade was held December 9th. We were advised by the weatherman that it could be wet and cold – and we were prepared! Although it was a bit chilly, it dried up in the afternoon and we had a clear night for the parade. We got an early start to grab a front row spot in the Middle River  so we had a really good view of the boats from our raft-up.  Five club boats participated – Meridian2, Viking Princess, Andy Jay, Ryan’s Place, and Lex Rex, and about  thirty members and guests hopped from boat to boat, sampling different foods and enjoying the fun.